3 Reasons Why You Should Optimize Your Social Media For Mobile Users

3 Reasons Why You Should Optimize Your Social Media For Mobile Users

Social media brought about the golden age of marketing. Thanks to these platforms, it’s easier now more than ever to organically grow followers, create viral content, and expand brand reach. Social media is a powerful tool that, when used properly, can lead anyone to online world domination. Don’t know how to start? Keep on reading.

Why Bother With Mobile At All? 

A survey showed that more than 80% of social media time is spent on phones. But why does this matter? Social media is social media, it doesn’t matter whatever shape it comes in, right?

Wrong. Mobile applications are increasingly becoming sophisticated throughout the years, and it’s important to understand how user experience on mobile is different from the desktop version.

The internet is already fast-paced but when we’re on our phones, we expect things to be much, much, much faster. Instant messaging. Push notifications. Everything has to be instant. So how do you leverage this tendency as a marketing mindmaster?

  1. People Loves Gifs, Memes, And Bite-Sized Content

A user’s behavior on their phone is to scroll, scroll, scroll, which means that your content should be short and sweet. If you want to hit the sweet spot with phone users, it’s best if you ditch the long form and go for things that are quick and easy to digest.

This new behavior doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to storytelling forever. It only means you have to do it better. Turn stories into photos and convert texts into visual cues. It’s easy to digest, which makes it all the more shareable.

This means gifs, memes, and short captions; things that can be scanned by the eye in under a minute. Instead of posting a 500-word article on your Facebook feed, maybe create a photo carousel with beautiful typography on it.

  1. Native Mobile Apps Are Incredibly Popular

The best way to maximize your social media reach with mobile users is by setting up camp in apps native to phones. We’re talking Instagram and Snapchat. With billions of monthly active users, these two platforms are set up as treasure trovers for the eager marketer. All you need is a savvy marketing tactic.

Use these platforms to engage with customers by posting promos, discount codes, or just a short update on products and services. Using these apps already guarantee you an audience, and will surely bolster your online presence.

  1. Videos Become Viral Easily

Videos are arguably the most preferred form of content today. How else did pages like Tasty gain so much following in such a short amount of time? Popular apps like Vine were also testimonial to what a funny, witty, or interesting video can do.

Viral videos are a great way to increase traffic through inbound marketing. By creating great content in a form that is well-loved by mobile users, it’s easier now more than ever to establish your brand online. The key is to create content that is relatable and authentic. No one likes salesy ads anymore, but we all buy into touching, funny, and genuine human experiences.

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