Artificial Intelligence 101: What It Is & Why It Matters

Artificial Intelligence 101: What It Is & Why It Matters

About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or A.I., is essentially making a machine that can simulate a human’s behavior characteristics very closely if not seamlessly. If you’ve ever watched a futuristic sci-fi movie, you have probably seen a hyper-intelligent robot that appears to have its own thoughts and personality. While it looks like a machine, it can think and potentially act similar to a human. That machine represents where the A.I. field wants to be, but it’s not there quite yet. The technology is always evolving and getting more sophisticated. As with anything, we can expect to see many iterations before we find ourselves in these sci-fi type scenarios. Still, artificial intelligence is a compelling and fast growing field that has captured the minds of some brilliant scientists and innovators.

While some technology seems so intelligent that it could be A.I., in reality there are just a few purely A.I. driven projects at this point. Many people confuse AI with chatbots and auto-responders. While it can seem like a machine is responding to you just like a human would, most chatbots still aren’t fully A.I. powered.[1] Many chatbots rely on scripts where they accessing a pool of relevant facts and answers to construct and natural seeming response. There are some A.I. chatbots, and the abilities of these tools continue to grow.

Other things that you might not think of are actually the best examples of A.I. in today’s world. Technology like self-driving cars and commercial airline’s autopilot features are using artificial intelligence to keep passengers safe while traveling to their destinations.[2] These are often ignored as examples of A.I. because they don’t talk back to you or respond the way the movies portray machine powered intelligence. Still, they are incredible advancements in this growing field that should not be overlooked.

What’s Next for A.I.?

Those developing A.I. have a big job ahead of them. They are not just creating new technology, they are also often embroiled in heavy debates surrounding the ethical and societal implications of developing this type of technology. Right now, we aren’t in danger of super intelligent machines overtaking us, but believe it or not it’s expected to be a concern one day. That means there are a lot of questions being posed regarding how to proceed with these projects. What is the best path to make the most beneficial A.I. machines while still keeping in mind that humanity needs to be careful? It’s a big question that will likely not be answered anytime soon.

On a brighter note, the future of the field is pretty limitless at this point. Creating machines that can intelligently tackle tasks could make everyone’s lives a lot easier. Having machines ready and able to think and respond exactly like a human would has the potential to revolutionize entire fields. As the science behind A.I. progresses, visionaries are coming up with new and exciting ways to apply this tech to transform everything from how you get the news to customer service interactions. You can be certain that there will be new and increasingly more incredible applications of artificial intelligence in the years and decades to come.



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